Delayed delivery

You can delay the delivery of your digital products if you want to offer pre-orders or other promotions.

To set up delayed delivery for a digital product:

1.Start by creating a new product. From the dashboard page, open the Spaces Edit view by clicking Edit Space:

That will take you to a live editor, where you can make direct changes.

2. Scroll down the page, and click Add a product:

3. Enter your product's options:

Note: You do not need to click Select files at this step. You will upload the files later, from your Spaces dashboard.

4. When you're done, click Save

5. After you've received an order and are ready to ship your digital product, open your Spaces dashbaord, and click Payments.

6. Find the order that you want to ship, and click SHIP ORDER.

7. Click Choose Files to upload the digital product that your customer has purchased:

If the file size is greater than 100 MB, use a download service like Zapier.

7. When you're done, click Ship order.

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